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High Value Cargo Transportation
basic introduction
High-value, fragile and fragile items are transported in vans to avoid collisions with other items. If it must be transported by assembled sporadic goods, it must be separated from some goods, and must not be mixed with items that are afraid of moisture, heat, and flammable, easily absorbed, and easily polluted; be careful when loading, and pay attention to the signs. It is strictly forbidden to roll over, heavy pressure. Considering that the items to be transported are fragile, it is necessary to choose a smooth transportation route, the speed of the vehicle must be uniform during the driving process, do not brake suddenly, avoid violent vibration, and then cause the collision between fragile items, thereby conditions that cause breakage. Before deciding on a transportation route, be sure to understand the road conditions.
When transporting high-value fragile products, it is necessary to control all aspects, ensure the safety of the goods from every detail, and ensure that the vehicle conditions are suitable for loading and there are no unsafe hidden dangers. During the process of loading and unloading, the fragile items must be handled with care to ensure the safety of the goods. .

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