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Transport of goods beyond the limit
basic introduction
After loading, when stopping on a straight line, any part of the cargo whose height or width exceeds the limit of a railway locomotive or carriage or exceeds the loading limit through a specific section is called over-gauge cargo. Although it does not exceed the limit when it stops on a straight line, it is also called over-gauge cargo if the inner or outer width is still exceeded by calculating the inner or outer width of the curved line with a radius of 300 meters during operation. According to the degree of overrun, it is divided into first level, second level and super overrun.
When the shipper consigns oversized goods, when submitting the cargo waybill to the station, he must also provide three views of the loading of the cargo (end view, side view, top view), and accurately indicate the position of the center of gravity of the cargo and the dimensions of each part to determine the loading plan. and overrun levels.
Oversized cargo belongs to the category of bulky transportation. It is different from the transportation vehicles that general cargo needs to use. It is usually carried by flatbed trucks and cranes; general cargoes are carried by ordinary ton trucks and container trucks.
The transportation methods are also different. Route planning, road surveys, and even reporting to relevant departments are required before the transportation of oversized goods. General cargo transportation is not so troublesome.

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